Injury Science Reciprocity Ring®


The Penn Injury Science Center (PISC) values a culture where people ASK and OFFER help in order to spread new ideas, innovations and connections. As part of the PISC community, we encourage you to ask each other for help, ideas, connections, introductions, and time. By asking for help at anytime, and offering help when you can, we can build long-term, productive collaborations.  


What is an 'ASK'?

A request for something you need which can be personal or professional.

To increase the chance that your ask will be fulfilled make it SMART:

S: BE SPECIFIC about the type of help you are looking for - you can ask for help, ideas, connections, introductions, and time. Just be specific. 

M: Know your audience and make it MEANINGFUL to them. 

A: Use ACTION words like "develop, analyze, refine". 

R: Base your request on a REAL need. 

T: Make it TIME-BOUND by entering the expiration date


What is an 'OFFER'?

An offer to fulfill a request, directly, indirectly, partially, or fully.

To make your generous offer most productive and avoid burnout, be thoughtful about HOW you can help, WHEN you can help, and WHOM you can help:

HOW: HOW you can help varies (i.e. sharing knowledge, making connections, mentoring, teaching, direct tasks)

WHEN: Don't respond to too many requests, and be proactive about WHEN you are able to help

WHOM: Help WHOM makes sense for you and the unique value to others - things you do well and enjoy

Having trouble participating in the Reciprocity Ring?

Check out this article about productive giving: Beat Generosity Burnout 


Make an ASK!

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