Characterizing the Learning-to-Drive Period for Teens with Attention Deficits

Senior Scholar, Allison Curry, PhD, MPH, along with researchers from the Department of Psychology, University of Alabama at Birmingham investigate the experiences of novice adolescent drivers with attention deficits during the learner period of a Graduated Drivers Licensing program.

Survey and on-road driving assessment (ODA) data were used to examine parent and teen confidence in the teens' driving ability, driving practice frequency, diversity of driving practice environments, and driving errors among teens with attention deficits as defined by attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis or parent-reported trouble staying focused (TSF). Teens with ADHD exhibited more driving errors than their typically developing (TD) counterparts. Teens with TSF were more likely to have their ODA terminated, had marginally lower overall driving scores, and exhibited more critical driving errors compared with TD teens.

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