Increasing Adolescent Firearm Homicides and Racial Disparities Following Florida’s ‘Stand Your Groun

PISC International Scholars Michelle Degli Esposti, PhD and David Humphreys, PhD, of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford, along with PISC Executive Director Douglas Wiebe, PhD, and Post-Doctoral Fellow Jason Gravel, PhD examined the impact of specific self-defense laws on firearm homicide in one U.S. state.

Quarterly rates of adolescent homicide by firearms were compared before and after the 'Stand Your Ground' law (SYG) came into effect using an interrupted time-series design. Esposti et al. found that twice as many black adolescents died compared to white adolescents prior to the SYG enactment. After enactment, there was a 44.6% increase in rates of adolescent firearm homicide and three times as many black adolescents died compared to their white counterparts. The study demonstrates causality between the implementation of the SYG law and the exacerbation of adolescent firearm death and particularly black adolescent firearm death.

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