The Opioid Crisis Shows Why Racism in Health Care is Always Harmful, Never ‘Protective’

PISC Senior Scholar Eugenia South, MD, along with colleagues Utsha Khatri, MD, and Shoshana Aronowitz, PhD, are the authors of a recently released op-ed that looks at the impacts of racism in healthcare during the opioid epidemic. Due to racial disparities in opioid overdose early in the epidemic that appeared to more rapidly impact white Americans, there was a notion that racial biases and its resultant under-treatment 'protected' black Americans.

The article further discusses the harms of racial biases in healthcare, including lack of treatment and further stigmatization of minority groups. South et al. insist that it is the responsibility of researchers and policymakers to avoid harming communities of color and minorities by placing opioid use disorder data in the right context.

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