Fostering belonging in academic anaesthesiology: faculty and department chair perspectives on suppor

In a recently published article written by PISC Senior Scholar Meghan Lane-Fall and colleagues, Lane-Fall offers commentary complementary to the global movement's efforts to increase women's representation in academic anesthesiology by presenting considerations for fostering inclusion for women in academic anesthesiology.

Lane-Fall et al. highlight the scarcity of women in positions of departmental leadership and faculty heads. To remedy this, they suggest applying the 'hierarchy of needs' framework commonly used for understanding the common concerns of women in medicine. It suggests that the lowest levels in the framework must be achieved to reach higher levels in the hierarchy. This framework is applied with examples at each level from Physiological needs to Self-actualization to demonstrate what fulfillment of Abraham Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’ would look like in the context of academic anesthesiology.

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