Please, Stop Shooting. We Need the Beds.

PISC Past Trainee Elinore Kaufman, MD, was recently published in The New York Times for an opinion piece titled "Please, Stop Shooting. We Need the Beds." Kaufman describes her ongoing experiences as a trauma surgeon in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic dealing with persistent cases of firearm injury:

"Doctors like me are trying to keep the world safe from the coronavirus pandemic. But thousands of families in America are already caught in the country’s existing epidemic: gun violence." The convergence of the gun violence epidemic and COVID-19. The convergence of the gun violence epidemic and COVID-19 pandemic are taking a toll on the health system as they each fight for ICU space and resources.

Kaufman highlights the fact that although the crime in Philadelphia is down following the social distancing mandate, shootings have not slowed and may be rising. While social distancing may reduce conflict related violence, says Kaufman, other stressors may increase domestic violence or firearm suicide. Ultimately, Dr. Kaufman closes with a plea to "...please, stop shooting. We need the beds." Read the full article.

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