Doctors, Families Struggle with End of Life Decisions

With so many doctors and nurses on the frontlines are under so much stree in situations from fighting the virus, long hours, shortages of personal protective equipment, and risk of catching the virus, Dr. Brendan Carr, PISC Scholar and External Advisory Board Member, tells CNN the biggest stressor may be yet to come: “the decisions they may soon face over who gets certain treatment, who gets the scarce equipment, who gets the ventilator.” Dr. Carr was recently appointed as Chair of Emergency Medicine for the Mt. Sinai Health System, which has large hospitals in the New York metro area. In this frank interview, Carr says the public can help in this fight by having critical conversations at home, before the virus may take over. Carr says, “We're living in a time where it's not unrealistic to ask your loved one about the tradeoffs that they would make, about their values. What if this were not the conventional standard that we're accustomed to, where we can always do as much as we want for everyone”

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