Incidence of Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder Following Nonfatal Overdose in Commercially Insured P

Timely initiation and referral to treatment for patients with opioid use disorder seen in the emergency department is associated with reduced mortality. In a study led by PISC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Austin Kilaru, MD, along with PISC Senior Scholar, M. Kit Delgado, MD, and PISC Internal Advisory Board Member, Zachary Meisel, MD, and colleagues, they examine how often commercially insured patients obtain follow-up treatment for opioid use disorder after a nonfatal opioid overdose. Kilaru et al. found that of 6,451 patient's national commercial insurance claims, only 16.6% of patients obtained follow-up treatment. Other important findings were that patients of older age, female sex, black race, and Hispanic ethnicity were less likely to obtain follow-up.

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