Nursing Homes Serving Black and Latino Residents Need More Support

Black and Latinx nursing home residents have been disproportionately impacted during the current pandemic. They have historically resided in lower-quality nursing homes, and are more likely to have cases and deaths from COVID-19. PISC Internal Advisory Board Member, Rachel Werner, PhD, and R. Tamara Konetzka, PhD, place a spotlight on these challenges in their recent article, Nursing homes serving black and Latino residents need more support.

Werner and Konetzka explain that Black and Latinx people are more likely than whites to reside in nursing homes that are understaffed, perform poorly on standard quality measures, and have high hospitalization rates. However, they note that these disparities are more probable in homes serving a high number of black and Latinx residents, but care/quality is the same for homes serving more white and black residents.

Rates of COVID-19 related death have been associated with nursing homes in over 50% of cases and of that more than 50%, black and Latinx residents are making up the greatest proportion. Lack of assistance has been particularly detrimental to nursing homes with the greatest need and future plans to increase the quality of nursing homes will likely decrease it and deepen disparities.

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