Selling Fear in America's Suburbs

PISC Senior Scholar Vincent Reina, PhD, was featured in a recent article by the Philadelphia Inquirer. The article details the practice of “selling fear” being employed by the current administration in anticipation of the upcoming presidential election. For example, One party sent mailers stating that the election of the opposing party would prevent deportation of “violent immigrants who murder, rape, and kidnap our citizens”. These groups have also argued that the adoption of Philadelphia-style policies in local suburbs, such as supervised injection sites would invite crime.

Notably, the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule has been repealed by the current administration under the guise of “preserving the American dream” for suburbanites. Dr. Reina rejected the current administration’s authority over local government planning stating, “It does not have any control over local zoning [and] it does not have control over [the] use of local dollars.” Unsupported claims that low-income housing is linked to crime and lower property values stems from “racist stereotypes” and fallacies about affordable housing, says Reina.

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