When it Comes to its Gun Violence Epidemic, Philly is Struggling to Control the Spread


PISC Senior Scholars Elinore Kaufman, MD, Joel Fein, MD, and Executive Board Member, Therese Richmond, PhD, are featured in a recent WHYY article on the current surge in gun violence occurring in Philadelphia over the course of the last five months. Dr. Kaufman reveals what this uptick in shootings looks like for her and how apparent it became as she noticed the trauma bay being continuously filled with gunshot wounds night after night.

Dr. Joel Fein, who co-directs the Violence Prevention Initiative at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia says, "If you think about any other illness, there are multiple symptoms at the same time that define that illness. Therefore, you have many areas you can target for the prevention and treatment of that illness.”

Though there are actions being taken like the launch a new Firearm Homicide and Non-fatal Injury Review Team, the Group Violence Intervention program, and police reform, the Director of the city's Office Violence Prevention acknowledges the pace is not optimal but they are working to adjust.

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