Association Between Crowdsourced Health Care Facility Ratings and Mortality in US Counties

Contributed to by PISC Executive Committee member Zachary F. Meisel, MD, MPH, MA, and Senior Scholar Eugenia Catarina South, MD, MSPH, this study examined the association between online ratings of health care facilities and mortality at the county level. It examined a total of 95,120 essential health care facilities on Yelp, disregarding any county that did not have at least one facility with a Yelp review. After analysis, the study found that a one point increase in mean rating was linked to a mean age-adjusted decrease of 18.05 deaths per 100,000 people in county-level mortality rates. Words like "told", "rude", and "wait" were common in one star reviews for facilities located in high mortality counties with one star reviews, while "pain" and "professional" were common for facilities on the opposite end of the spectrum. Such results shed light on the association between health care satisfaction and community-level health outcomes, with online ratings and reviews a promising source of insight.

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