Association Between Traumatic Stressful Events and Schizotypal Symptoms Among Adolescents

Previous studies have examined the risk traumatic stressful events (TSEs) have on subsequent schizotypal symptoms. A recent study featuring PISC Senior Scholar Nancy A. Hodgson, PhD, examined the impact specificity and aggregate effects of TSEs on schizotypal symptoms. Through the Philadelphia Neurodevelopmental Cohort Study, Hodgson and the team analyzed the schizotypal symptoms of 426 adolescents. Two years after the initial evaluation, more than half of participants experienced at least one TSE. Schizotypal symptoms were reevaluated. Results indicated that adolescents who had experienced assaultive trauma reported 1.5 times as many schizotypal symptoms compared to adolescents with non-assaultive TSE. Additionally, cognitive-perceptual symptoms were significantly affected by TSEs. In the future, it is important to consider trauma and psychosis spectrum screenings in trauma-informed care.

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