Changes in Driving Behaviors After Concussion in Adolescents

Despite a veritable amount of research concerning return to learning, exercising, and sports after a concussion, there is limited research investigating return to driving after concussion. In order to fill this gap, a study led by PISC Executive Committee member Catherine McDonald queried adolescent data from the Minds Matter Concussion Registry.

The study found that many adolescents continued to drive after getting a concussion, despite not yet having returned to exercise or sport. Nine of ten were advised to return to school with accommodations to begin a gradual increase in cognitive activity, suggesting that it may be worthwhile to implement evidence-based guidelines for return to driving after a concussion.

Other collaborators on this project included Divya Jain, Eileen Storey, Madeline Gonzalez, Christina Master, and PISC Senior Scholar Kristy Arbogast.

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