Effect of Hypoalbuminemia & Hypotension in Predicting In-Hospital Mortality & Intensive Care

A recent study featuring PISC Past Trainee Alexis Zebrowski, PhD, MPH, evaluates the impact hypoalbuminemia and hypotension have on ICU admission and in-hospital mortality rates. The team analyzed Mount Sinai Emergency Department (ED) visits from January 2011 to December 2019. Results indicate that ED patients with hypotension and hypoalbuminemia have an in-hospital mortality rate of 34.0%, significantly higher than the average in-hospital mortality rate of 1.7%. Moreover, patients with hypotension and hypoalbuminemia are more likely to be admitted to the ED, with a 40.6% ICU admission rate compared to an 8.4% overall admission rate. Overall, patients with hypoalbuminemia and hypotension experience poor hospital outcomes in ED settings. Further research must be done to address this disparity.

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