Effects of the Tailored Activity Program on Dementia-Related Symptoms and Other Factors

A recent study featuring Senior Scholar Nancy A. Hodgson, PhD, RN, FAAN, evaluated the impact of the Tailored Activity Program (TAP) on individuals living with dementia. 250 participants were recruited from the Baltimore/Washington DC area. All participants were previously diagnosed with dementia as well as clinically significant agitation and aggression. An initial assessment of participants’ abilities and interests was conducted for the TAP. The program, tailored to each individual, provided activities, dementia education, and caregiver stress reduction techniques. The team completed 8 home visits over the course of 3 months. Results indicated that the TAP had no impact on the agitation or aggression of participants. The TAP, however, reduced ADL and IADL assistance, in addition to improving caregiver wellbeing. The team concluded that “although TAP did not benefit agitation/aggression, it impacted important outcomes that matter to families warranting its use in dementia care.”

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