Epidemiologic Trends in Fatal and Nonfatal Firearm Injuries in the US

Led by PISC Senior Scholar Elinore Kaufman, new research analyzing 2009-2017 data from nationwide databases reveals characteristics of fatal and nonfatal firearm injury in the US.

Using a cross-sectional, ecologic design, the study found that nonfatal firearm injuries are more than twice as prevalent as deaths from firearm injury. It also found that the most common cause of firearm injury death in the US is suicide, of whose victims never reach the hospital. This suggests that assaults and unintentional injuries account for most of the injuries that are treated in hospitals.

Other collaborators on this project include PISC Executive Director Douglas Wiebe, Ruiying Aria Xiong, PISC Senior Scholar Christopher Morrison, PISC Senior Scholar Mark Seamon, and PISC Senior Scholar Kit Delgado.

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