Evaluation of Stillbirth Among Pregnant People with Sickle Cell Trait

Very little is known about pregnancy complications and sickle cell trait. A recent study featuring PISC Senior Scholar Mary Regina Boland, MA, MPhil, PhD, evaluates an association between sickle cell trait and stillbirth outcome. Data was drawn from January 1st, 2010 to August 15, 2010, across four quaternary academic centers within the Penn Medicine system. The study includes 2,482 deliveries of patients with sickle cell trait and 215 deliveries of patients with sickle cell disease. The risk of stillborn birth was assessed using a multivariate logistic regression model constructed to a group of risk factors. Results indicate that sickle cell trait is associated with an increased risk of stillbirth. Based on these results, the team concludes that there is, “a need for additional risk assessment during pregnancy for sickle cell carriers.”

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