Incidence of Syphilis Infection and Related Care Among Adolescents and Young Adults Living With HIV

Over the past decade, the occurrence of syphilis has increased in vulnerable populations like young adults, minority men, and people living with HIV. In order to better characterize this problem, a group of researchers, including PISC member Vicky Tam, MA, investigated patterns of syphilis infection and syphilis-related care utilization among adolescents and young adults living with HIV (AYALH) in Philadelphia. After conducting a retrospective cohort study of AYALH who received syphilis-related care at adolescent-specialty clinics between 2011 and 2018, the team found that the overall syphilis incidence rate was 13.50 cases per hundred person-years. It also found that those designated male at birth were more likely to be infected, while those who were older and lived farther from the clinic were less likely. The study concludes by asserting that, "Integrating comprehensive sexually transmitted infection prevention services into HIV care and improving syphilis prevention services in communities with high syphilis rates should be a priority in future intervention work."

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