Initial Testing of a Web-Based Intervention to Reduce Adolescent Driver Inattention...

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of adolescent death and disability. Inattention to the roadway is a major contributor to adolescent driver motor vehicle crashes. Recently published research, In Initial Testing of a Web-Based Intervention to Reduce Adolescent Driver Inattention: A Randomized Controlled Trial is led by PISC Executive Board Member, Catherine McDonald, PhD, RN, FAAN.

McDonald et al. used a a 4-group, randomized controlled trial design to test Let’s Choose Ourselves (LCO) against an attention control intervention on healthy eating. LCO addressed cell phone use and peer passengers as contributors to adolescent driver inattention, rooted in the theoretical constructs of attitudes, perceived behavioral control, and norms related to adolescent driver inattention

web-based intervention decreased cell phone engagement in driving simulation at 3 months as compared with controls. As secondary hypotheses, we tested if the intervention increased the use of peer passengers to manage distractions and decreased eyes off the forward roadway in driving simulation and decreased self-reported risky driving behaviors.

In a Poisson regression, controlling for sex, McDonald found no significant effects of Let’s Choose Ourselves on primary or secondary outcomes. However, there was a significant effect of visit on self-report outcomes, with self-reported distracted driving behaviors increasing over time.

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