Medical Experts on How Their Kids Are Safely Celebrating Halloween

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised against traditional trick-or-treating, which begs to question, what are safe alternatives to celebrate?

In a recent interview, health experts were asked what they're planning with their kids this Halloween, including PISC Past Trainee Aimee Palumbo, PhD, MPH. Aimee Palumbo, epidemiologist and assistant professor at Temple University, and mom to a 3-year-old daughter said she will keep it simple."We're not going to trick-or-treat, but I'm hopeful we can have a get-together. Halloween is on a Saturday, and it's a great opportunity to be outside while socially distancing. She's in preschool with around 10 other kids. If we can keep it within that group that she's already around, we may go to a park."

Kristen Lyall, epidemiologist and assistant professor of epidemiology at Drexel University, says, "It's really important to pay attention to COVID rates in the community and region. But that said, a traditional night where we go out with friends and the kids are running up to doors is not going to happen.

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