Mixed Methods Analysis of Hospice Staff Perceptions and Shared Decision-Making Practices in Hospice

Shared decision-making has remained a well-established practice in oncology, and a central philosophy in hospice care. A recent study featuring PISC Senior Scholar George Demiris, PhD, analyzes staff perception of shared decision-making. Hospice staff attitudes towards shared decision-making were measured using the Leeds Attitude to Concordance scale. Nine theory-driven shared decision-making elements were identified using coded field notes and transcripts of interdisciplinary team meetings. Results indicate variation among hospice staff perceptions of shared decision-making. Overall, hospice staff reported positive views on shared decision-making. Participant views, however, differed significantly based on age and position. The study concludes that, despite overall staff support, “Policy and practice conditions can make shared decision-making challenging for hospice interdisciplinary team meetings.”

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