Multiple Complications in Emergency Surgery : Identifying Risk Factors for Failure-to-Rescue

While the use of the failure-to-rescue (FTR) metric, or death after complication, has expanded beyond elective surgery to emergency general surgery (EGS), little is known about the trajectories patients take from index complication to death. Hatchimonji et al. conducted a retrospective cohort study of EGS operations using the National Surgical Quality Improvement Project (NSQIP) dataset, 2011-2017. They used logistic regression analyses to test the hypotheses that increase in the number and frequency of complications would yield higher FTR rates and secondary complications that span a greater number of organ systems or mechanisms carry a greater associated FTR risk. Analyses revealed an association between the number of complications and mortality risk, showing that 63.4% of patients who died following complication suffered more than 1 complication.

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