Nearly 1 In 10 Covid-19 Patients Discharged From The ER Return Within 1 Week, Study Finds

PISC Current Trainee and Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Austin Kilaru, MD, and recent research led by Kilaru are featured in a recent Forbes article. The study examines the potential for COVID‐19 patients to return to the hospital after being evaluated in the emergency department (ED) of a large healthcare system during the early months of the pandemic. Dr. Kilaru says, "We hope this study helps emergency clinicians have more informed conversations with patients suspected to have Covid-19." Kilaru explains that this study gives clinicians signposts to recognize how often and when patients may need to return, and significant risk factors. PISC Senior Scholar and senior author, M. Kit Delgado, MD, exemplifies their findings noting, "If the patient had other factors such as an abnormal chest x-ray, the likelihood of needing to come back to be hospitalized goes up even more."

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