One Call Makes a Difference: An Evaluation of the Alzheimer’s Association National Helpline...

In a new study led by PISC Senior Scholar, Nancy Hodsgson, PhD, Hodgson et al. evaluate the effects of care consultation delivered through the Alzheimer’s Association National Helpline. The study compared the effectiveness of Helpline “Care Consultation” and “Care Consultation Plus” conditions on caller outcomes. They found a small but significant improvement in callers’ self-efficacy of managing emotion scale overall at 1 week and overall net improvements in caregiver mental health scores and self-efficacy to manage emotions across the Care Consultant and Care Consultant Plus groups. More than 80 % of all callers reported action steps to be helpful and 70 % of all callers reported putting action steps in place at one week following the baseline consultation. Overall, there were no significant group differences between the Care Consultation and Care Consultation Plus conditions, but regardless of group assignment there were improvements in caregivers’ self-reported ability to manage emotions.

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