Practical Alternative to Hospitalization for Emergency Department Patients (PATH)

Piloted at a tertiary academic medical center in December 2019, the Practical Alternative to Hospitalization (PATH) program is an intervention that offers emergency department (ED) clinicians an outpatient care pathway for patients initially designated for inpatient admission or observation. In this evaluation, PISC postdoctoral fellow Austin Kilaru, MD, Executive Board member Zachary F. Meisel, MD, MPH, MA, and other researchers found that of 52 eligible patients, 30 were enrolled. The mean participant age was 62.5 years, while the most common disease conditions were chest pain, heart failure, and hyperglycemia. The study also estimated that ED boarding time was reduced by 8.2 hours per patient, indicating that emergency physicians and patients were indeed willing to use a novel service that provided an alternative disposition to hospitalization.

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