Racial Diversity Among American Cardiologists: Implications for the Past, Present, and Future

Race-based disparities in American healthcare have proven to be pervasive, deadly, and expensive -- in particular, such disparities are prevalent in the cardiovascular disease care workforce. Past studies have shown that physicians from racially diverse backgrounds are associated with better quality care for all patients, yet there is still a strong imbalance between the majority workforce and their African American, Hispanic, and Native American counterparts. In this research article contributed to by past PISC trainee Alison Culyba, MD, PhD, MPH, well-documented barriers to achieving workforce diversity and their potential evidence-based solutions are described. Such targeted strategies include improving recruitment and retention of racially diverse members of the cardiology workforce, as well as focusing on cardiovascular health equity for patients. The authors conclude that this, "review draws attention to academic institutions, but the implications should be considered relevant for non-academic and community settings as well."

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