Seeking Gun Violence Solutions Outside of the World of Criminal Justice

In a recent news story from the Preventing Gun Violence, Research Symposium, experts from the Rutgers University Center on Gun Violence Research explain that they are seeking more interdisciplinary solutions to the issue of gun violence. By bringing experts from various fields, researchers believe they will create a "marriage" of research scientists and community members to determine what the existing drivers of gun violence are. PISC Senior Scholar, Bernadette Hohl, PhD, and co-director of the Rutgers Center on Gun Violence Research explains what some of this cross-cutting research would consist of. She explains that one thing they will do is statewide surveys to understand what the characteristics around gun behaviors are in the state.

Even with one of the lowest rates of gun-related deaths in the nation, the problem and its consequences remain. Black youths are still 10 times more likely to be killed with a gun than their white peers. Experts sat the limitations on firearm research have had an impact on the ability to understand the problem and determine solutions.

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