Short- and Long-Term Outcomes following Severe Traumatic Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Racial and socioeconomic disparities in outcomes following lower extremity reconstruction have been well-documented -- a team including PISC Senior Scholar Samir Mehta, MD, aimed to add to the current literature by characterizing differences in outcomes between racial groups in patients necessitating traumatic lower extremity reconstruction at an orthoplastic limb salvage center. The study conducted a retrospective review of patients who underwent free flap lower extremity reconstruction at an orthoplastic limb salvage center, eliciting 173 usable responses. It found that African American patients demonstrated no significant differences in total flap failure, reoperations, or number of readmissions, among other results. The authors conclude that "The postoperative rehabilitation strategies, follow-up, and overall support that an orthoplastic limb salvage center ensures may lessen the impact of socioeconomic disparities in traumatic lower extremity reconstruction."

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