The Economic Burden of Pediatric Postconcussive Syndrome

A new study led PISC Senior Scholar Daniel Corwin, MD, quantitatively describes the direct costs of pediatric postconcussive syndrome (PCS). Pediatric concussion is especially prevelant in pediatric populations afflicting about 1.9 million children annually. This study used retrospective cohort data to estimate direct cost by looking at follow-up visits to the sports medicine clinic beyond 28 days, visio-vestibular therapy for persistent oculomotor deficits, homebound tutoring for students unable to return to school within 28 days, prescription-only medications, and subspecialist referral. Corwin et al. found that the average economic burden for Pediatric PCS to cost over $3500. Corwin et al. believe that given the high economic cost associated with PCS presented from this study, therapies that mitigate this syndrome may have the potential to be cost-effective and even cost saving.

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