The Effect of a Home Exercise Program on Visio-Vestibular Function in Concussed Pediatric Patients

A recent study featuring PISC Senior Scholar Kristy Arbogast, PhD, evaluates whether a Home Exercise Program (HEP) affects visio-vestibular function in concussed pediatric patients. The study includes 1,041 patients at a specialty care concussion center within four weeks post-concussion. Patients were prescribed a HEP 1-2 times a day. In follow-up visits, patients reported their adherence to the HEP schedule, engaged in Visio-Vestibular Examination (VVE) subtests, and total VVE evaluations. Results indicate that patients who completed the HEP had approximately the same abnormal total VVE as patients who had not completed the HEP. Among VVE subtests, however, patients who completed the VVE reported significant improvement in abnormal smooth pursuit, horizontal and vertical saccades, and complex tandem gait. Overall, an HEP can serve as an effective tool to improve specific aspects of visio-vestibular function in pediatric concussion patients.

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