Trends in Inpatient Care for Psychiatric Disorders in NHS Hospitals Across England

A recent study led by PISC Postdoctoral Fellow Michelle Degli Esposti, PhD, featuring PISC External Advisory Board Member and International Scholar David Humphreys, PhD, evaluates patterns in psychiatric disorder over the last 22 years in English hospitals. Data was routinely collected via the National Health Service from 1998 to 2020. Trends in hospital admission and bed days for psychiatric disorders were evaluated using negative binomial regression models. Additionally, data was stratified by gender and age group. Results indicate that overall hospital admission rates and bed days for all psychiatric disorders decreased by 38.3% since 1988. Admission for eating disorders and anxiety, however, doubled. Adult depression decreased by 63.8%; despite this, rates of depression among children increased by 212.9% over the past 22 years. The team concludes that, despite an overall decrease in psychiatric disorders, “some disorders show pronounced increases, pointing to a growing need for inpatient psychiatric care, especially among children.”

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