What to Expect in the Next 6 Months of the Pandemic

PISC Senior Scholar Meghan Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP, FCCM, is interviewed with fellow experts to give insight into what lies ahead. With flu season on the horizon, Dr. Lane-Fall worries that hospitals could face further complications in winter. Though there may be enough ventilators, some hospitals may have trouble finding room to keep contagious patients isolated. Cold weather may disrupt methods, like the outdoor tent patient intake processes of hospitals in the Penn system. Lane-Fall also makes note of the non-COVID-19 treatment factor, due to care delays earlier in the pandemic. Though intensive-care nurses and doctors have made great strides since March in treating severely ill COVID-19 patients, some cases remain challenging to treat. “I’m not looking for a silver bullet,” says Lane-Fall. “I’m not expecting to see one.”

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