Who Provides What Care? An Analysis of Clinical Focus Among the National Emergency Care Workforce

Although previous research has associated clinician expertise with improved patient outcomes, emergency department (ED) clinicians often work in various clinical settings beyond the ED. This implies that there may be a risk of lower expertise due to lower clinical focus, indicating a need for the characterization of national clinical focus among national ED physicians.

Using a cross-sectional analysis performed on 2017 Medicare Public Use Files, a new study led by Cameron Gettel found that Evaluation & Management (EM) physicians had twice as much clinical focus in comparison to non-EM physicians providing emergency care to Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries. These findings suggest that there is a need for more diverse training and certification programs to ensure access to clinically-focused ED clinicians.

Other collaborators on this study include Maureen Canavan, Gail D'Onofrio, PISC Senior Scholar Brendan Carr, and Arjun Venkatesh.

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