Factors associated with parent and youth athlete concussion knowledge

A recent study featuring PISC Postdoctoral Fellow Abigail Bretzin, PhD, ATC, evaluates factors associated with parent and youth concussion knowledge. 468 youth football, ice hockey, lacrosse, or soccer athletes and their parents were included in the study. Participants were surveyed on concussion knowledge, personal information, and family demographic information. Overall, most adolescent parents and athletes have strong concussion knowledge. Parents earned a mean knowledge score of 39.3, while adolescent athletes earned a mean knowledge score of 35.0. Only two factors moderately affected participant scores: having a parent with a medical background, and age. When an adolescent athlete is injured, there is not usually a sports medicine professional onsite. Therefore, “health literacy is paramount to ensure timely removal from play, care initiation, and proper management following injury.”

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