The Penn Injury Science Center leverages a unique combination of expertise and experience in the theory, science, and practice of dissemination, translation, and implementation through effective partnerships with communities, health and criminal justice providers, policy makers, and other decision makers.

We believe that injury researchers must integrate the wisdom and perspectives of stakeholders into the design, implementation, and translation of their research to be most effective. In turn, stakeholders can benefit from access to technical assistance and research expertise to answer questions that are locally meaningful and timely.

Briefs & Toolkits

for Policymakers, Practitioners, and Community Leaders

Including what we create and what we’ve found from reputable sources, these briefs and toolkits are a resource for our stakeholders across our many topics of interest.

Visual Abstracts

for learning and sharing scientific findings

Visual abstracts show you the findings of a research study in a way that is quick and visually appealing. We create these visual abstracts so you (or your stakeholders) can learn about our research without having to read an entire research paper. They’re great for sharing science on social media, too!

Podcasts & Webinars

for learning and connecting from anywhere

Tune into our presentations and conversations from around the world. From injury science to clinical practice and community partnerships, we have something for everyone.

Penn Community Scholars Program

Training for community organizations to build their research capacity, learn about partnerships with academics, and refine their “pitch” to funders.

Community Action Board

The Community Action Board (CAB) is comprised of community residents, and other key stakeholders, with a focus on those who predominantly serve Philadelphia, including businesses and residents near Penn’s campus.

The CAB provides input on all PISC research, training, and outreach activities; generates links to community-based organizations and resources that can be engaged to develop, conduct, and improve injury science; and assists in dissemination of usable injury science results that can be implemented to reduce the burden of injury within these Philadelphia communities and beyond.

Community Violence Intervention Hub

A combination of street-based outreach, hospital-based violence intervention, and a network of community, academic, health system, and government partners – the Community Violence Intervention Hub is at the center of Penn’s violence reduction and prevention efforts.