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Funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Penn Injury Science Center brings together university, community, and government partners around intervention programs with the greatest potential for impact. We promote and perform the highest quality research, training, and translation of scientific discoveries into practice and policy in order to reduce injuries, violence and their impact on people around the world.

Our diverse group of scientists, students, and staff are centrally located on the University of Pennsylvania campus in Philadelphia, representing 6 Penn Schools, 12 other Penn Institutes and Centers, 2 Level 1 Trauma Centers, and 3 Research Laboratories.

What's New

The Penn Injury Science Center (PISC) invites proposals for our Pilot Grant Program to fund projects for up to $10,000
each with a total of $20,000 available this cycle. Pilot projects are expected to support PISC’s mission to reduce injuries and violence and their sequelae through the highest caliber science. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate a rigorous approach to solve an important scientific problem in injury science and that contributes to building their research program. We accept applications using a Principal Investigator (PI) or multiple Principal Investigator (mPI) mechanism. Apply by April 14th.

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