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The Penn Injury Science Center is a collaborative environment that values diverse perspectives and lived experience. 

Check out these ways to engage as a researcher, practitioner, or community/government partner. Have other ideas? Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page!

Engage with the Research Core

Studying ways to prevent injury and violence

Attend and present at the monthly Incubator meetings

An online forum where researchers and practitioners discuss their latest ideas, questions, and plans to receive constructive feedback from a supportive group of peers and partners.

Interested? Contact Andrew Belfiglio (opens email client)

Attend injury conferences and Center events

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Apply for internal and external funding opportunities

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Leverage Center resources in your grants, partnerships, & projects

The Penn Injury Science Center has a local, national, and international network of collaborative scientists, practitioners, and partners. We can help with connections, act as a resource in your grant application, and provide dissemination support for posters, presentations, and other products to help your work reach the right people in an effective way.

Engage with the Outreach Core

Putting research into action

Engage with the Community Action Board

The Community Action Board advises on all aspects of the Center, to ensure that our work has relevance and local impact. Are you a community-based organization? You could serve on the CAB. Are you a PISC researcher or practitioner? The CAB can provide input on your project and assist with building community partnerships.

Interested? Contact Andrew Belfiglio (opens email client).

Attend and present at the Community Outreach Incubator

This is a spinoff of the Incubator that invites community-based organizations to present an idea to our collaborative group of researchers and practitioners, to receive supportive feedback and resources. The Outreach Core then works with the organization to bring the idea to life, whether through a prototype, pilot study, or a grant application.

Interested? Contact Andrew Belfiglio (opens email client)

Utilize the Center’s dissemination channels and support

Between the website, social medial channels, and email listserv, the Center has an influential dissemination network. We can also help you craft dissemination materials, so that your work and its impact is appreciated by many audiences. Send your news, flyers, or other inquiries to Andrew Belfiglio (opens email client).

Connect with us online

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, follow us @PennInjury on X (Twitter) and Instagram, and check back to this website which is updated regularly with opportunities and resources. 

Engage with the Training & Education Core

Building the field

Join the Trainee Learning Lab, or volunteer as a guest author

A monthly, online journal club where students, staff, and trainees discuss an injury science article, joined by the author to deepen their understanding of methods, outcomes, and study design. Participation across the CDC-funded Injury Control Research Centers means trainees build collegial connections with the present and future leaders in injury prevention.

Engage in mentoring, as a mentor or mentee

Whether it’s finding a mentor or mentee, joining the monthly postdoc meetings (open to any Penn postdocs who engage in injury-related work and their mentors), or applying for a post-doctoral fellowship at the Center, we can help you connect to the people and resources to support your mentorship.

Develop and teach injury courses

We want to see more injury-related courses and certificates at the University. Reach out to us if we can support your vision in teaching a course, from start to finish.

Submit a nomination for the Penn Injury Distinguished Lecture Series

Nominate a leader in injury and violence prevention, to bring knowledge and perspective to our community of scientists, practitioners, community partners, and policymakers, in a Distinguished Lecture Series. 

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