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PUBH 575 / SWRK 775 - Intimate Violence

Intimate partner violence (IPV), defined as physical, sexual or psychological harm imposed by a current or former intimate partner, is a public health problem leading to increased morbidity and mortality worldwide. The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the definition, theories, dynamics, scope, consequences of, and interventions to prevent and address, violence among intimate partners. Through this course, students will gain insight into the epidemiology of IPV across the life course, including risk and protective factors and examine unique considerations for vulnerable populations. The course will highlight current measurement issues in the field of IPV assessment and address IPV-related policies to address screening, prevention, and response to IPV. Using a social-ecological framework, we will examine the issue of IPV prevention and intervention from the individual, relationship, community, and society perspectives, and explore approaches to and need for screening, as well as universal, selected, and indicated prevention efforts.

Instructor: Rachel Myers, PhD, MS

EPID 540 - Injury & the Public's Health

This course offers students an introduction to the field of injury and violence prevention. Prominent types of injuries to be discussed include those relating to motor vehicles, opioids, and firearms.

PUBH 6150 - Principles of Injury & Violence Prevention

This course will introduce students to the principles of injury and violence prevention broadly with a focus on the various study designs used in injury and violence research, and important concepts used in designing, analyzing and interpreting these studies. Students will learn to critically review current literature and select appropriate methods for particular injury topic such as unintentional injuries from motor vehicle crashes, falls, poisoning, sports injuries and intentional injuries from youth violence, homicide and suicide. The course will include lectures, small group exercises, student-led discussions, and online exercises.

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