Mental health outcomes in formerly incarcerated Black men: A systematic mixed studies review

Lead author Helena Addison, along with PISC Scholars and collaborators Therese Richmond, Lisa Lewis, and Sara Jacoby evaluate the current state of scientific knowledge describing the mental health of Black men who have experienced incarceration. Quantitative findings among 23 articles demonstrated “significant associations between incarceration history and poor mental health, including higher levels of psychological distress, increased severity of depressive and PTSD symptoms, and delayed mental health treatment. Discrimination, negative police encounters, solitary confinement, and difficulty finding employment were associated with the relationship between incarceration and mental health outcomes. Mental health concerns are pervasive in formerly incarcerated Black men; to address key gaps in current scientific understandings future research should focus on how Black men navigate help-seeking experiences and use mental health services in the context of an incarceration history.”

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