The PHIGHT Network

Philadelphia's Hub to reduce Interpersonal violence, Gun violence, Homicide, and Trauma (PHIGHT)

‚ÄčThe PHIGHT Network is a response from community, academic, health system, and government partners to address the roots of gun violence and its impact on victims, co-victims (surviving family members and friends), and communities in Philadelphia. It embodies a coordination of expertise, skills, and services across the public, nonprofit, and grassroots levels to collectively address the scale and complexity of gun violence in Philadelphia.

In 2021, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in Philadelphia, our community experienced dramatic increases in gun violence, homicides, and victimizations. According to the Controller of the City of Philadelphia, there were 562 homicides in 2021, the highest number on record for our city. This epidemic of gun violence and other violent crime in Philadelphia means more people are in need of the support provided by social service agencies. However, these agencies have limited resources and funding and often cannot meet the level of need. The most effective way to meet the needs of our communities in the face of limited resources is to collaborate efforts with other social service agencies, anti-violence community groups, law enforcement, health systems, and other well-resourced institutions. It cannot wait, it must be now.

Part of the Community Violence Intervention Hub

Goals of The PHIGHT Network

Organized by the West/Southwest Collaborative Response to Gun Violence – which includes the Penn Injury Science Center, the Beloved Care Project, the Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia, and the District Attorney’s Office Division of Victim Support Services – the PHIGHT Network’s goals are to:

Increase support services and streamline resources

for families and individuals impacted by violence

Support community resilience

by increasing community participation in violence prevention through enhancing outreach and engagement strategies

Evaluate our collective impact

in terms of the implementation and effectiveness of our strategies to reduce gun violence in Philadelphia

How to get involved

You can become a member of The PHIGHT Network by SIGNING UP FOR OUR MAILING LIST and attending our quarterly meetings to be connected to resources, opportunities, and partners, including support for evaluating the impact of your work.

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The PHIGHT Network is organized by the West/Southwest Collaborative Response to Gun Violence