Ride-hailing and Road Traffic Crashes: A Critical Review

A recent study led by PISC Past Trainee Christopher Morrison, PhD, and International Scholar David Humphreys, PhD, analyzes the impact ride-hailing businesses have on the incidence and distribution of road traffic crash injuries and deaths. Data is analyzed through a theoretical model built from evidence relating to ride-hailing and automobile crashes. The model synthesizes hypothesized mechanisms, identifies common methodological challenges, and suggests priorities for future research. Results indicate that ride-hailing businesses have a mixed impact on road traffic crash injuries and deaths. Ride-hailing businesses increase traffic congestion; however, they also have a positive impact on event-level characteristics, such as reducing alcohol-impaired driving crashes. Additionally, ride-hailing businesses significantly reduce crashes in areas with underfunded public transit access. Further assessment is necessary to “guide policies that take advantage of the public health benefits” of ride-hailing.


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