Evidence-Driven Approaches to Preventing Firearm Deaths

Deaths from firearm violence remain stubbornly high in the U.S. Those most affected include youth under the age of 20, for whom firearm violence is now the top cause of death, and Black men. Black teens and young men ages 18-34 account for 2% of the population but 36% of all firearm homicide fatalities. Calls for action and policy solutions often focus on Congress, but partisan politics have prevented progress, leaving many questioning the availability of solutions to reduce the number of lives lost each year. Yet, research has identified promising state and local legislative and programmatic approaches to reducing firearm gun deaths. Join Penn LDI, the Penn Injury Science Center, and a panel of experts to learn about the current landscape of evidence-based approaches, their impacts, and their potential to reduce the number of individuals who die from firearm violence each year.

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