The Training, Education and Outreach Core implements an education and mentoring program for the next generation of Penn injury prevention scientists that provides a support network, seeds creative new ideas, and facilitates the translation of research to practice.

Training, Education and Outreach 

New! Statistical Consultation for PISC Post-doctoral Fellows and Early-Stage Scholars


With our commitment to develop future generations of injury scientists across disciplines, PISC is now providing statistics support for projects that are focused on the core mission of PISC and for which extramural resources are not currently available. This program will offer statistical consultation through the BECCA (Biostatistics * Evaluation * Collaboration * Consultation * Analysis) at Penn Nursing, and is available for two groups of PISC affiliates: 1) PISC-affiliated post-doctoral and clinical fellows conducting a research project aimed for publication in a peer-reviewed journal and/or to provide preliminary data for an extramural grant application; and 2) PISC senior scholars who are early-stage faculty who do not currently have research or discretionary account funding to secure statistical consultation. 


Read more about what is and what is not covered, and how to apply for funding by clicking the link below.  

New! Penn Resources for ArcGIS


A compiled list of resources by Penn Libraries, this page contains:

  • Consultation: GIS/Mapping consultations

  • Training and workshops: regularly scheduled, on-demand, or tailored to a specific project need

  • Services: value-added services such as geospatial data processing, analysis, and large-scale address geocoding 

  • Outreach: outreach activities through invited class presentations

Penn Injury Science Center Exploratory Grant Program


The purpose of this program is to support Penn faculty in conducting a rigorous study, and have it serve as the basis to seek long-term extramural funding to grow their area of science.  Priority will be given to applications that include a topic that is synchronous with the mission of PISC, incorporates the space-time paradigm that targets injury science efforts at the right place at the right time, focuses on the CDC Injury Center Priorities, and provides a clear vision of how this exploratory project fits within the applicant’s larger program of research. 

Injury & Trauma Epidemiology Training Program for Botswana


We are running a program to train Botswana to become independent researchers studying behavioral, biomedical, and policy issues in Botswana with a focus on treating and preventing injury and trauma. The program is sponsored by the University of Botswana, the Ministry of Health in Botswana, the University of Pennsylvania (USA), and Fogarty-NIH (USA). 

Penn Injury Science Incubator Sessions


Our monthly research meetings serve as an injury science incubator. Attended by faculty, students, and trainees, these sessions:

  • Serve to germinate new ideas

  • Promote critical dialogue about emerging research concepts

  • Refine research proposals, vet manuscripts

  • Host data-based presentations

  • Solve challenges that arise when carrying out research

Penn Injury Science Trainee Learning Lab

The Penn Injury Science Center (PISC) Trainee Learning Lab (formerly Student Learning Lab) is now recruiting undergraduate and graduate trainees in Injury Science, including research staff, research assistants, capstone mentees, and those with a keen interest in the field of Injury Science. Trainees will meet virtually, on a monthly basis, to discuss and interpret peer-reviewed injury and violence research articles. Sessions will be led and facilitated by Catherine McDonald, PISC Co-Director of Training and Education, and Associate Professor of Nursing. Authors and co-authors will attend select sessions to discuss their work.

Penn Injury Science Center
Trainee Pilot Grant Program

The Penn Injury Science Center (PISC) has annual calls through our Trainee Pilot Grant Program to stimulate ideas among early stage investigators. This program supports trainees in conducting a rigorous study that will help build a solid program of research and ultimately to seek extramural funding. Priority will be given to applications that include a topic that is synchronous with the mission of PISC, incorporates the space-time paradigm. Click below for the current opportunity. Applications due April 14, 2021.

Interdisciplinary Post-Doctoral Fellowships


The University of Pennsylvania Injury Science Center offers 12-24 month post-doctoral research fellowships that focus on scientific training and career development in pursuit of the highest caliber research to promote safety and improve the health of populations. Fellows receive senior mentorship and close peer collaboration in a rich scientific environment with faculty and multiple other fellows across disciplines including public health, engineering, nursing, criminology, social policy, and psychology.