Penn Community Violence Prevention Community Advisory Board

Community residents, business owners, school officials, & non-profit organizations are integrally connected to our Community Violence Prevention

About Penn Community Violence Prevention (PCVP)

In line with the slogan of the Penn Injury Science Center, the Penn Community Violence Prevention (PCVP) team provides trauma-informed violence interruption services to youth and young adults in West and Southwest Philadelphia, with the goal to stop it before it happens, fix it before it gets worse, and help individuals and communities live on to see the next chapter of Philadelphia without gun violence…

PCVP is the first program of its kind at Penn, in partnership with the first hospital-based violence intervention program at Penn (the Penn Trauma Violence Recovery Program). Together they bring Penn into position to have a direct impact on the violence epidemic in Philadelphia. See other programs within the Community Violence Intervention Hub.

Community Advisory Board

The PCVP Community Advisory Board is composed of community residents, business owners, school officials, non-profit organizations, and other community leaders who are dedicated to reducing community violence in West and Southwest Philadelphia.

The board meets monthly to provide input and design coordination and co-implementation of community violence prevention and intervention, with a focus on West and Southwest Philadelphia. 

Board Members

Brandy Blasko, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate

School District of Philadelphia

Nicole Brooks


Consortium Inc.

Latonya Bryant

Parent, Community Member

Hakeem Devore

Founder / Director

Inner City Peace Organization

Darryl Flynn

Program Manager

Consortium Inc.

Kynisha Johnson

Restorative Practice Administrator

Office of School Safety, School District of Philadelphia

Mike Meyers

Security Officer

Fresh Grocer

Terrell Roby

School Safety Supervisor

School District of Philadelphia

Kevin Rosa

Program Coordinator for the Youth Violence Reduction Initiative (YVRI)

School District of Philadelphia

Felix Rosado

Program Coordinator

Healing Futures Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project (YASP)

Katrina Williams

School Safety Officer

Bluford Elementary School