Responses to mass shootings vs. chronic gun violence

Elinore Kaufman of the Perelman School of Medicine spoke on Louisville NPR member station WFPL about the difference in public response to the recent mass shooting compared to the area’s chronic gun violence.

“It’s interesting, I used to say the mass shootings are getting all the attention, it’s going to really warp our policy. But honestly, all the attention that mass shootings derive result in very, very, very little change — essentially, no change.

If we really focus on the root causes of violence? We’re going to be talking about things like wealth inequality, like generational poverty, housing and schools, social supports, all of those things that we as a society have systematically deprived Black communities and other communities of color from for a long time. These aren’t simple policy solutions, but they are powerful. And they have all kinds of other benefits, of course, beyond firearm violence.”